Design by Elelabs. Production in China. Strict quality control.

A combination of these 3 ingredients allows us to keep costs low while offering feature-rich, low-cost devices, affordable in all regions.

We design both hardware and software. One stop service to get your platform up and running within a week.

Elelabs Cloud

Elelabs cloud
Elelabs cloud scalability

Start with 1 gateway. Scale to 10,000 devices. Smooth transition from prototype to production.

Elelabs cloud pricing

Free for prototypes. Flat fee for every 1,000 devices.

Elelabs cloud api

Complete management with API. Make your own SmartPhone or Web APP. Use existing one as a start.

Elelabs cloud security

All user data is secure. Even our stuff can't see it unless allowed by you.

Elelabs Hub

Elelabs Hub
Elelabs Hub multiprotocol

Multiprotocol from the start. Choose version between Z-Wave, ZigBee, BLE and others. Or have them all combined together.

Elelabs Hub connectivity

Connectivity for any situation. Choose between Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Cellular to fit your use case. Or have them all available.

Elelabs Hub power

Powerful processor to handle up to 250 sensors, switches and other end devices.

Elelabs Hub firmware update

Future proof firmware updates available out of the box. Deploy core features first. Add more in the field.

Elelabs Devices

Elelabs Devices
Elelabs Devices pricing

Low cost. Excellent quality for a reasonable price.

Elelabs Devices battery

Low power. 10 years of battery life. Battery level reporting.

Elelabs Devices white label

White label products from a single piece. Custom brand logo from 100 pieces.

Elelabs Devices setup

Easy to use. Easy to set up. Easy to maintain.

Elelabs Tools

Elelabs Tools
Elelabs Tools development

Complete solution for Smart Home development.

Elelabs Tools production

Expert tools for production setup and quality control.

Elelabs Tools authentication

Cryptographic authentication and firmware updates.

Elelabs Tools training

Training materials for technologies and processes.

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